A SleepyMama Channel is up and running!

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It has been a while and the main reason for the silence here is because that I’ve been reading and watching a lot about creating a Youtube channel. I felt that, since I want to immerse myself in on this kind of media, I wanted to try them all and see which is more fun!
Realistically, “Vlogging” is tough work. I thought that it would be easy! Boy, was I very wrong.
I was in for a ride.

First, I needed to find the right equipments. Not necessarily the perfect ones, just right ones to start with. I needed a good camera, good audio, good lighting and a good editor.

I didn’t want to buy a new camera so I’ve just used the one on my phone and about the audio? Just bought an external mic connected to another phone of mine which I placed nearer to me and then I just sync them during the edit.

However, the lighting is one that I cannot recreate. I needed to buy a good light. So I’ve researched and then decided to buy a ring light. Quite expensive, yeah, but if I want to make this work. I have to buy one.

After assembling everything I might need. I thought that I was ready.

Was I wrong, again.

I needed a space in the house with ample lighting and a decent background which doesn’t focus on the clutter of the house. Cue, a house with a baby plus a lot of baby stuff strewn around. After much careful deliberation, I’ve decided on a small corner overlooking the living room.

Then came the recording day, I realized that I have to be presentable. So, make up – ON. Took a while since I don’t really wear make up on a daily basis nowadays. Then ofcourse, choosing the clothes, etc.

Finally, I could record! I’ve recorded in my native language (still thinking about doing a video in english to cover a wider audience too). Then I sputtered quite a few times that I had to cut and edit a lot. I realized then that I have to write some points I wanted to cover to avoid these “uh…uhmmm” pauses that annoyed me during editing. After the recording, I had to transfer the files and edit them on Adobe Premiere which I’ve learned only through Youtube.

Thankfully, there are lots of tutorial about them. So there! That’s what I was up to recently. I’ll be writing more, I promise.

I’m just having fun recently. It’s totally out of my comfort zone.