Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

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Back when I was still flying, I used to fly to Australia a lot. The first time I went there, I’ve asked what is popular to buy except for the manuka honey, I’ve always gotten this answer: Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. Majority of the number of crew I fly with, always have this tube in their pockets. When I’ve asked why, they always give me the answer that it is good for healing wounds.

Why wounds? We get wounded a lot in the plane. From burns to papercuts, name it, I’ve also experienced all. So, I went and bought a couple. Little did I know that I will use it, not only when flying, but for my baby too.

When I went back here in Philippines, I’ve realized that Lucas’ Papaw has already a cult following however they use this as a lip moisturizer which isn’t one of it’s primary usage but I believe, to each his own. It’s good for cracked skin (if your lips have cracked then, yes) as per the fine print behind.

So, how do I use this? If my Sudocrem isn’t readily available, like, when we’re outside and Lowe gets an insect bite or I get any surface wounds, I slather a tiny bit of this over it. It speeds up the healing and lessens the swelling.

The only downside for me?

I am not actually a fan of the smell and the local price, while in the Australia it only costs around AUD $5 (approx Php 200), if you buy it here in Philippines, it would cost you around Php 400-500 a tube. I’ve seen 3 tubes of 25g pack in S&R being sold for approximately Php 1,500 (AUD $40). My eyes went wide as saucers!

Still, despite the price, it works.

Expensive, yes! But it works.