Lactation Cookies: Sweet Delights by Charlotte

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Finally it arrived! It was a day late c/o LBC Express. They’ve informed me, it was because of the volume of the deliveries, but nonetheless, here it is! It suddenly felt like Christmas came early! The packaging felt like a gift, complete with red-colored wrappers for the brownies.

I’ve come across Sweet Delights by Charlotte in Facebook while searching for another store to try their lactation goodies. Then I’ve checked them out through instagram. The transaction went very quick and seamless, the seller was very responsive. I’ve requested for 2 orders of dark chocolate cookies priced Php 400 (USD $8) per order which is 15 pcs. and 1 order of their chocolate brownies priced Php 480 (USD $9) which is 12 pcs. Yum!

Just look at that good chunk of chocolate! It was soft and chewy, just the way I like my cookies. Like the Chips Ahoy Chewy variety, except this one is good for lactation. They are still in very good condition, despite it being handed over to LBC last Dec. 11 and it just arrived now. Thankfully, they have good handling and storage to preserve this delicacy.

Oh! Let’s not forget the softness of the brownies! Thank goodness for bakers and good cooks. It’s like magic how they create these delicious stuff! If I didn’t know that these stuff were substituted with lactation ingredients, I wouldn’t have known.

Lastly, were they effective?

From the looks of it, I would say, YES!


Mommy Treats: Lactation Aids

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All the variations! Plus the choco spoons!

I think by now, it’s established that I like to try different lactation aids, especially cookies and/or brownies. So, during the Momzilla fair this past weekend I’ve come across Mommy Treats. Apparently, they’ve pioneered the lactation goodies here in PH. I did not know that since, by now, there are a lot of lactation treats out there that it’s hard to know where to begin.

I was handed out a flyer by the seller of the booth and I was intrigued by the products since some were quite unique to the brand like the Lactation Choco Spoons. It was the one that caught my eye. You just have to dip it in hot water then stir it using the wooden spoon it was sitting on.


To all mothers: You are enough.

I was so excited to try it that on our way home, I ate two of the brownies! It was very soft and yummy! The oat cookies were okay, but my favorites are the brownies and choco spoons. I love their box packaging too! The best out there I must say. I love calligraphy, that’s why.

About the effectiveness, well, I woke up the next morning with a drenched top. My breasts hadn’t leaked in months! So, definitely one for the books!

This Sleepy Mama is sold!


Mother Nurture Malunggay Coffee

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A day without coffee is like a day without the Sun. It doesn’t wake you up.

The problem is, I was pregnant before then I started breastfeeding, so I try to avoid caffeine as much as I can for which I was successful. Then I started to miss the taste of coffee.

I was looking for an alternative coffee with the taste of coffee without the added or is very low in caffeine, then I came across Mother Nurture Malunggay Coffee MixIt has a very low caffeine content and infused with locally grown ingredients. Support local products di ba? Plus it’s very affordable and the decisive shot for me was that it contains Malunggay or Moringa Oleifera which we all know is a galactagogue and aids well for nursing mommies like me.

I was totally sold!

This coffee is available all throughout Philippines, they have a lot of resellers and also you can order online through their website Mother Nurture or you can search through Shopee, as they have a LOT of resellers. They have two versions, the coffee mix and the chocolate mix which I haven’t tried yet.

An excerpt taken from their website about the Coffee mix:

Especially formulated for lactating mothers, enjoy your morning caffeine fix without the guilt.
Stevia, a type of Herb that has a sweet taste, and it is a healthy substitute for Sugar because its COMPLETELY NATURAL.
— Healing Benefits, No Side Effects, Helps in Insulin Secretion
Malunggay Known as the “Miracle Tree” or “Nature’s Medicine Cabinet”.
— Strengthens Immune System, High in Calcium, Controls blood pressure, Restores Skin Condition, Helps boost Breast Milk Production
Gotu Kola known as the “Most Spiritual Herb.”
— Helps Relieve Mental Fatigue, Memory enhancer, Helps boost Breast Milk Production
Ashitaba also called as the “Tomorrow Plant”
— Anti Inflammatory, Safe Anti – Oxidant, Helps boost Breast Milk Production