Teaching my son about cats 🐱

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Lowe is looking at Moa, the cat outside. Named Moa since he’s been found at Mall Of Asia.

Teaching my son about cats and pets in general is an important factor for me.

I’m a cat person and an Adopt-Dont-Shop advocate. I have a total of 8 adopted cats all of them are spayed/neutered, while my husband has 3 shitzu dogs at his family house. My husband has stopped me ever since from picking up stray cats and gave me a loooooooong lecture of why I just can’t pick and adopt all of them. He even gave me the old saying, “It’s the law of the jungle. Only the strong survives”. Well, okay.

I try to expose Lowe to pets as early as I can, making sure he isn’t allergic to their fur first. Once I was able to make sure he wasn’t, only then I started showing him his cats.

Missy got the perfect hiding place from Lowe.

First step was to introduce him to the only indoor housecat: Missy. It went on very well as Lowe was very curious about her, then when he tried to grab her by the tail. She ran and hid herself.

I guess, I have to try again next time.

It makes my heart swell a bit to know he isn’t adamant in meeting and touching cats, all of them would be his in the future anyway. They will be his inheritance 😂.

I just hope it’s okay with him when he’s older. 🐱


Staying At Home

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Before I’ve left my work, I’ve been bombarded with questions such as: “What will you do?” or “What work will you do there?”, as if the concept of staying at home is not an option.

I’ve been blessed to have this opportunity of raising my son to the fullest of my capabilities with all of my time devoted to him. I know a lot of mothers does not have this opportunity that’s why there’re extended relatives who helps raise the child or if not, the yayas.

Anyway, back to the question of “What will I do”, with this one I felt that taking care of my infant sums it all up. I can barely leave him to take a bath… so I bring him with me and he sits on his Mama’s & Papa’s Snug Seat all the while watching me take a bath. What else can I do? I don’t even know where to get free time aside from when he sleeps… like now. So that I can write this post.


Locked & Latched

I honestly don’t know how to get extra time to do other stuff, occassionally, I can drink my coffee (Malunggay coffee!) and ponder for a minute downstairs while I have him on my baby monitor… then he stirs up from his sleep and looks for me, so I go to him again.

I admire mommies out there who can do other stuff and not have a yaya too. I do not have yaya for my son because I want to be the primary caregiver for his needs, I’m looking for kasambahay for the past 3 months but to no avail. I really have my hands full.

So to that question, “What will You do?”

I guess the answer would be, TOO many to mention that I don’t know where to begin.

Too many things to do that I haven’t even unpacked my 5 boxes from Qatar where I’ve worked and lived for 12 years and those boxes are still full of clothes, cooking items, books and other personal effects. They’re still sitting in the living room looking like they’re the furnitures and permanent fixture of the house.

I don’t even want to open them. I don’t even want to look at them.

Oh, suddenly, I’ve remembered something else I have to do and this is the perfect timing since Lowe’s in deep sleep: I was planning on catching one of my cats and have her spayed!

So, ta-ta for now! Got to have that cat spayed soon, otherwise, we will have loads of kittens! 😂