Coco Haven: Bugs Away

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Having a tropical climate, bugs and insects are rampant. If I didn’t have a baby, Baygon is my go-to product. It delivers and is effective, however, isn’t really advisable when you have an infant around.

I had to source out multiple insect repellent room sprays, one of which is Coco Haven’s Bugs Away. It comes in 2 sizes: 500ml – Php 650 and 250ml – Php 350.

I liked the fact that it’s natural and safer for babies than the common ones we use, but please, do not spray it inside an enclosed room with the baby, even if it’s natural, it may trigger allergies or asthma. I was advised by the seller in the bazaar where I’ve gotten it from, to leave it on for 15 minutes before occupying the area with le bébé.

Just to be clear, it’s totally different from Baygon which kills the insects. Bugs Away does not kill, it just repels. So if you have insects inside your home it will just avoid the area you’ve sprayed. I’ve tried spraying this on the fruit flies inside the house and after a few minutes, I’ve started wondering why they won’t drop dead and suddenly, I had this Aha! moment, where I’ve realized that it is an insect repellent and not an insecticide.

Yes, I use this to spray our trash cans where fruit flies love to gather and have their daily and nightly meetings and also I spray this on our cat litter, thankfully, our cat doesn’t seem to mind the smell.

In the end, it is effective to ward off the insects. To kill them, no.