Lactation Cookies: Sweet Delights by Charlotte

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Finally it arrived! It was a day late c/o LBC Express. They’ve informed me, it was because of the volume of the deliveries, but nonetheless, here it is! It suddenly felt like Christmas came early! The packaging felt like a gift, complete with red-colored wrappers for the brownies.

I’ve come across Sweet Delights by Charlotte in Facebook while searching for another store to try their lactation goodies. Then I’ve checked them out through instagram. The transaction went very quick and seamless, the seller was very responsive. I’ve requested for 2 orders of dark chocolate cookies priced Php 400 (USD $8) per order which is 15 pcs. and 1 order of their chocolate brownies priced Php 480 (USD $9) which is 12 pcs. Yum!

Just look at that good chunk of chocolate! It was soft and chewy, just the way I like my cookies. Like the Chips Ahoy Chewy variety, except this one is good for lactation. They are still in very good condition, despite it being handed over to LBC last Dec. 11 and it just arrived now. Thankfully, they have good handling and storage to preserve this delicacy.

Oh! Let’s not forget the softness of the brownies! Thank goodness for bakers and good cooks. It’s like magic how they create these delicious stuff! If I didn’t know that these stuff were substituted with lactation ingredients, I wouldn’t have known.

Lastly, were they effective?

From the looks of it, I would say, YES!


Breastfeeding while having flu? — YES!

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It has been a while, a lot happened. I got sick and I still am. I got an upset stomach over the weekend and then after barely recovering, I got a cold and flu. I hate this the most since it’s very easy to be transmitted especially when I am always in contact with my son who doesn’t even know how to blow his nose.

Well, what to do, right? Does that mean I should stop breastfeeding? No way! According to La Leche Leage International, This is even a better time to breastfeed since we all know that breastmilk is like magic and is constantly changing due to the demands of the baby or the condition of the mother. So now that my body is currently fighting this flu by producing antibodies, those same antibodies are being passed along to Lowe to fight the onset if transferred.

Hygiene also plays a huge part.

Even when we were at the mall the other day and I am babywearing Lowe, I made it a point to put a mask over my nose and mouth. It may look weird from the point of view of other people, but, who cares? I am at an age where I really don’t care as long as the baby is safe from harm.

I suddenly felt like writing this entry as recently I’ve come across someone informing another mommy to stop breastfeeding when upset or sad. Apparently, she was informed by a relative that her feelings for that moment whether sad or upset will be carried through her milk and make the baby sick.

I was exasperated to say the least.

A baby who’s hungry should be fed. No matter when or where. Remember: Fed is definetely best!

For those who believes urban myths in breastfeeding and it directly affects the baby in a negative way, this is for you:

Breastfeeding aid: Mega-Malunggay Capsules

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Before giving birth, I have decided to breastfeed until I can. There was no other option for me, I believed that I can even before Lowe came out. If there’s no complications for the mother, they say: Breastfeeding is 90% determination, 10% milk. I put this phrase as my mantra during the first week of Lowe’s life when my nipples were sore, wounded, bleeding and barely recognizable. It felt like there’s a shark not a baby suckling on my breast.

Breastfeeding was that painful for me in the beginning. It was also difficult for me as I needed to pump for a day as Lowe spent 1 day in NICU for observation for his mild jaundice. Also, aside from the wounds on my nips, I also got blisters because of the pump since my breasts weren’t used to it and I was frustrated as there was very less milk coming out: only 1 oz. After a while, I learned that it was normal to have that amount of milk in the beginning as that yellow and thick liquid was the colostrum and a newborn’s tummy can only accommodate that much amount.

Just to be sure that I will be having ample of breastmilk, I sourced out both Natalac and Mega-Malunggay. The latter being a recommendation by a good friend from work. Between the two of them, Mega-Malunggay came out the winner and I’ve never looked back. What I love with Mega-Malunggay is that out of all the competitors in the market, it contains the most amount (500mg) of Moringa Oleifera (Malunggay) which is a known galactagogue and a non acidic Vitamin C. The competitors contain lesser amount: Natalac has 250mg and Pro-Lacta has 350mg.

I can honestly say that this capsule aided me and still continues to aid me on my journey of breastfeeding Lowe. I just pop 2 capsules every morning with my Mother Nurture Malunggay Coffee and 1 capsule during late afternoon to dusk and I am all set for the day!

Mega-Malunggay is made by V-Pharma and you can buy it online on their website: or you can now buy it from Mercury Drug just make sure to mention that when searching it on their system to include the hyphen ( ) between the Mega and Malunggay.

Milking Bombs (Lactation Aid Cookies)

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For a pure breastfeeding mommy like me, my worry is:

Do I have or will I have enough milk?

Aside from the law of Supply and Demand, it doesn’t hurt to take some help to increase or stabilise your supply of breastmilk. I am into trying a LOT of these lactation cookies, one of the cookies I’ve tried is from Milking Bombs by Bettina Carlos. I was super intrigued by this cookies since it has a tagline of “Guaranteed let down in 30 minutes”.

That sounded good to me so I bought it online from their instagram account @milkingbombsbyabc the same day I’ve heard about it. I’ve received it in a few days, depends on when you order and where you are located. They specify which days of the week they deliver to your location.

I’ve ordered their Classic Milking Bombs (the one I’m holding in the picture), Crink oats and Choc-nut brownies. They were all delicious, plus, they claim that their products are rich in fiber, omega 3, B complex and other essential nutrients.

I ate all three kinds. Not the whole box, mind you. One of each kind, then I’ve waited for 20 minutes before letting Lowe latch unto my breast.

That feeling of mild pins and needles on my breast came after 10-15 minutes of latching, so the let down tagline was true. 😂

I’ve no idea if my supply went up or not, as I do not pump regularly so I couldn’t show any visible results of my milk supply, but I can show you the result:

One happy and healthy baby Lowe!

Mother Nurture Malunggay Coffee

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A day without coffee is like a day without the Sun. It doesn’t wake you up.

The problem is, I was pregnant before then I started breastfeeding, so I try to avoid caffeine as much as I can for which I was successful. Then I started to miss the taste of coffee.

I was looking for an alternative coffee with the taste of coffee without the added or is very low in caffeine, then I came across Mother Nurture Malunggay Coffee MixIt has a very low caffeine content and infused with locally grown ingredients. Support local products di ba? Plus it’s very affordable and the decisive shot for me was that it contains Malunggay or Moringa Oleifera which we all know is a galactagogue and aids well for nursing mommies like me.

I was totally sold!

This coffee is available all throughout Philippines, they have a lot of resellers and also you can order online through their website Mother Nurture or you can search through Shopee, as they have a LOT of resellers. They have two versions, the coffee mix and the chocolate mix which I haven’t tried yet.

An excerpt taken from their website about the Coffee mix:

Especially formulated for lactating mothers, enjoy your morning caffeine fix without the guilt.
Stevia, a type of Herb that has a sweet taste, and it is a healthy substitute for Sugar because its COMPLETELY NATURAL.
— Healing Benefits, No Side Effects, Helps in Insulin Secretion
Malunggay Known as the “Miracle Tree” or “Nature’s Medicine Cabinet”.
— Strengthens Immune System, High in Calcium, Controls blood pressure, Restores Skin Condition, Helps boost Breast Milk Production
Gotu Kola known as the “Most Spiritual Herb.”
— Helps Relieve Mental Fatigue, Memory enhancer, Helps boost Breast Milk Production
Ashitaba also called as the “Tomorrow Plant”
— Anti Inflammatory, Safe Anti – Oxidant, Helps boost Breast Milk Production

Staying At Home

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Before I’ve left my work, I’ve been bombarded with questions such as: “What will you do?” or “What work will you do there?”, as if the concept of staying at home is not an option.

I’ve been blessed to have this opportunity of raising my son to the fullest of my capabilities with all of my time devoted to him. I know a lot of mothers does not have this opportunity that’s why there’re extended relatives who helps raise the child or if not, the yayas.

Anyway, back to the question of “What will I do”, with this one I felt that taking care of my infant sums it all up. I can barely leave him to take a bath… so I bring him with me and he sits on his Mama’s & Papa’s Snug Seat all the while watching me take a bath. What else can I do? I don’t even know where to get free time aside from when he sleeps… like now. So that I can write this post.


Locked & Latched

I honestly don’t know how to get extra time to do other stuff, occassionally, I can drink my coffee (Malunggay coffee!) and ponder for a minute downstairs while I have him on my baby monitor… then he stirs up from his sleep and looks for me, so I go to him again.

I admire mommies out there who can do other stuff and not have a yaya too. I do not have yaya for my son because I want to be the primary caregiver for his needs, I’m looking for kasambahay for the past 3 months but to no avail. I really have my hands full.

So to that question, “What will You do?”

I guess the answer would be, TOO many to mention that I don’t know where to begin.

Too many things to do that I haven’t even unpacked my 5 boxes from Qatar where I’ve worked and lived for 12 years and those boxes are still full of clothes, cooking items, books and other personal effects. They’re still sitting in the living room looking like they’re the furnitures and permanent fixture of the house.

I don’t even want to open them. I don’t even want to look at them.

Oh, suddenly, I’ve remembered something else I have to do and this is the perfect timing since Lowe’s in deep sleep: I was planning on catching one of my cats and have her spayed!

So, ta-ta for now! Got to have that cat spayed soon, otherwise, we will have loads of kittens! 😂