Gardening 101 – Bougainvilleas

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I am not an expert in gardening. The only experience I have about it is growing monggo seeds which is practically not gardening since it grows easily. However, we have quite a spacious front yard that almost screams of its need for flowers. So I decided to go to the nearest gardening store and bought a few bougainvilleas.

Why bougainvillea?

Apparently it’s easy to care for, it lives with less water and full sunlight, plus it has different colors. I opted for different shades of pink. I never expected buying plants to be quite pricey. The first 2 from the left of the photo above were bought on the same shop along Rosario and was bought for Php 250. My husband then told me to go check out other gardening stores, if we can buy another batch of the same for lesser price.

Then I went to Bong Bong’s Garden in Biñan. The garden is huge with a lot more variety. I then saw these lot of bougainvillea, notice that it is more lively and colorful than the first two that I’ve bought from another shop. These two were priced for Php 300. Quite a huge difference for Php 50! These were bigger, has more color, more mature and ready to bloom!

I just can’t wait to buy a few more, put them in pots and line them up to create a beautiful range of flora just at the border of our house.

Now, every morning, I feel so happy just looking at them. I didn’t know that plants will make me quite happy, now I realized, I really am getting old!

This is the first few steps of the Sleepy Mama being a Gardening Mama!