BabySparks App – You’re a lifesaver!

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I admit, I am not one creative mama. I would rather buy and save myself the hassle of thinking and then creating. However, it doesn’t stop me from looking at Pinterest and thinking:

“How come I haven’t thought of that?”

So, obviously, when it comes to baby activities, it’s the same. I’m sure Lowe gets bored with me, he just can’t tell me yet as he doesn’t speak. So, I was in search of daily activities suited for babies aged 5 months and then I came across this application.

For mommies like me who doesn’t want to think anymore about what else to do to keep my baby entertained also developing and growing at the same time, this application is a lifesaver! It is quite pricey though for an application, Php 1000+ (USD 20+) depending on the option you will choose since it’s billed annually.

Using this app, you can monitor the progress of your li’l bub, his milestones and what are the things his age group is capable of and what can you do to develop and promote that. Every day for the next two years, you will have a checklist of things/activities to do to promote your bub’s motor skills, cognitive, sensory, etc. It’s not a must that you complete the checklist. Remember:

Every baby is different, much like an adult, they grow at different rates.

As for me? I am just so thankful for technology, Lowe’s not stuck on his bicycle exercises and plain old tummy times, there will be variations! I am sure he’s happy too!

This Sleepy Mama is sold!