Day 1 in Japan with a Toddler

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Well, Technically our 2nd day! But we arrived late night yesterday and we didn’t go out at all! Just ate 2 onigiri’s from Lawsons to keep our hunger at bay (we bought Lowe some chicken curry) and then settled in for the night. So the next day which is today, is our FIRST DAY OUT!

To say travelling with a toddler is difficult, is an understatement. I think the best word to describe it is “Challenging”. It challenges us in every thing. Our patience, our strategies to arrive safely to our destination, our faces when he starts to throw tantrums… basically, it challenges us to our bones! BUT… as I was telling my husband this morning, I do admit that it is really difficult… but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would like to have Lowe learn by experience. Actually, not only Lowe, I also learn from the process! I learn how to be more patient and to prioritize better. Packing has been easy for me before, I’ve lived my life in a suitcase for 12 years. However, when it came to packing for my son, I was dumbfounded at the sheer amount of the things I needed (or wanted) to carry. Towards the end, I just did a process of elimination and just counted the days we will be at Japan and that would be how many clothes I will pack for him + 3 additional outfits, for his “Just In Case”‘s situations, since with babies/toddlers… anything can happen!

We brought a stroller when we went out in addition to my baby carrier, we found it easier since if Lowe doesn’t want to be in the stroller, it served as a shopping cart. However, when Lowe wants to sleep.. he’s much more relaxed laying flat inside the stroller. However, in the coming days.. let’s see!

How thankful I was that Lowe’s finally a year old so he can start trying a lot of stuff when it came to food. Our first stop: Ichiran Ramen! Better start the baby young! Train those buds! Ichiran Ramen will always be one of my favorites! Must try when in Japan, I swear!

Well, that’s it for now. Have to turn in for the night. Still have a full day tomorrow! Got to have that energy!


Lillébaby, Thank you for the Lumbar support!

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It’s now 10:20PM and my little bub is asleep, now it’s time for a little quiet time for myself aka ME time. Went out today to the new mall near our place, Southwoods Mall. It’s quite small but homey! Like the old Town Center (now, we call it ATC for short) before they renovated it.

I had itchy feet this afternoon, so after my bub’s afternoon nap, I hauled him over to the car and took him for a drive since I remembered that we were also running out of cat food. I only had 1 tin can left for a total of 8 cats (I know the number is shocking to some, but all of them are adopted and taken from the street!). We went to S&R Alabang but they were out of stock of cat food, not even a can left! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Since it was almost 5:00PM and my husband will soon be off from work, I’ve decided to just go to Southwoods Mall and just buy a few cans of catfood and not a bulk like I was originally planning on buying, hence, the S&R.

Going out alone like this was unimaginable for me before, but I’ve learned that with babywearing, I can slowly start to be social again and be able to go out. Also with babywearing, I can do some household chores! For a mom like me who doesn’t have anyone when going out, a good trusty baby carrier is a must!

Lowe’s weighing a hefty 8.895kgs and it’s not easy carrying him on your arms for long periods of time. Since I’ve always wanted to babywear even before Lowe arrived in our lives, I’ve bought 2 carriers: Babasling and Lillébaby Airflow.

I’ve used Babasling when Lowe’s a bit lighter, I don’t think I even have a photo of me wearing him on it, since I’ve used it only a couple of times since I’ve felt the fabric was too thick and felt too hot for Lowe and I.

It’s a completely different story with Lillébaby though.


Baby-wearing at Villa Escudero, Quezon.

I feel that I wear Lowe everytime we go out, well, when it’s just the two of us only. It’s a different story when we are with my husband since if it’s the three of us, we prefer a stroller.

Thank goodness for Lillébaby’s lumbar support which you can see on the picture below, just barely though. Even if I walk with Lowe for a long time, my back doesn’t ache and Lowe’s also very comfortable in it, he sometimes falls asleep while I’m wearing him, thanks to the good mesh design of the airflow which ventilates well, and I make sure Lowe’s also dressed lightly since we’re actually sharing body heat when I wear him. You can buy the Lillébaby here in Philppines through their website or Rustan’s in ATC where I’ve seen it while strolling around. Costs around Php 7000+ if I am not mistaken, I know it costs quite a penny but it’s a good investment, your lower back will thank you in the future! I know mine will.


Thank you Lumbar Support!

It also comes with a LOT of safety straps that you can adjust alone when you are out by yourself with your bub. It’s a well thought out baby carrier. I haven’t tried anything else aside from the two that I’ve mentioned but I am already satisfied and happy with it. Also good to mention that you can wear your infant without infant insert from 3kgs and up! It also has a neck support for babies who still cannot control their neck muscles. I’ve also seen in youtube that you can breastfeed in it! That one I’ve yet to try! 😂