What’s in a name?

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Until now, a lot of people have asked: Where did you get Lowe’s name? or Is it a combination of both of your names?

We’ve contemplated on combining our names but we couldn’t come up with something that we like. We were also on the verge of naming Lowe, Blake Nash, but I’ve decided against it since it was pretty common (and both were basketball players! Haha!).

Almost towards the end of my pregnancy, I’ve just told myself to just look for a great meaning behind a name. I’ll choose the meaning first, then we can decide on a name.

I’ve started looking for names with meaning of: “To be loved” or “Beloved”, since our son is a beloved one for us.

Unexpected, yes, but beloved, nonetheless.

Anwyll came up. Its meaning is “beloved” or “To be loved by all” in Welsh. I wanted my son to be loved by all, so it was a perfect fit. Plus, it’s pretty uncommon. He will not be having any difficulty getting clearance when he’s older! Haha!

Next, is a second name. I wanted a second name since Anwyll was quite short for me. So I searched again, this time, I wanted to search for a quality or a trait we would like our son to have in the future.

We would like my son to grow up strong and independent, the name Lowe was perfect for him. Lowe is pronounced “Low” but we call him “Low-ee”. Lowe was derived from a German name meaning “Lion” or if you take the Old French meaning, “Young wolf”. Both animals possess strong personality and strength which I wish he will have.

So, there you have it, the etymology of our son’s name.