Oh no! An insect bite!

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I know, quite an exaggeration, but when it comes to my 5 month old, even a simple insect bite turns me nutty! Imagine waking up in the morning to this kind of bite! (Refer to the picture)

Every morning, I make it a habit to check on my son. I admit, I am the kind of mother who reads a lot regarding babies, motherhood, taking care of everything else and ultimately being paranoid about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) which is one of the many infant deaths aged 0-6 months old. So, there! I make time to see if every nook and cranny of my baby is normal! So imagine my horror upon seeing this!

img_5615Thankfully, being a girl scout that I am (yes! am quite prepared!), I’ve got in store (namely: Shopee! https://shopee.ph) this tiny product from Tiny Remedies called After Bites Natural Itch and Scratch Gel which is good for insect bites, soothes redness, cools and soothes the skin of babies. It boasts of having natural ingredients and being chemical free, and I admit that after reading all natural, I was SOLD. So I bought it hoping not to use it but here I am applying it. Hoping to soothe it and let’s see tomorrow how it would be!


What a cute tiny tube!


Gel-like transparency and was easily absorbed.









Update at October 20, 2018:

There is quite an improvement after a day of application. The redness has significantly reduced and most importantly, Lowe’s not allergic to the product. Will definitely keep this product! This sleepy mama approves! 😍


Quite an improvement!