Sudocrem: Antiseptic Healing cream

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I was introduced to my holy grail, Sudocrem, whilst at the hospital. It was one of the items inside the newborn package box they give out to patients who’ve just given birth. They gave me a much smaller size, a sampler, I believe. Since that day on, this has been my staple for everything. Literally everything.

I’ve used it at first as a cream for my little tot’s tushy to keep away the moist from the excretions to avoid nappy rash. Thankfully, to this day, 6 months forward, there hasn’t been any! I swear by this item!

This 125g tub of cream was given by a close friend of mine when I was looking for a full size of the product since there was and still is a blockade in Qatar, so some of the products are being substituted for something else, this cream included. Apparently, my close friend has been using this cream too for her son and it also works like magic to her, no nappy rash ever!

The best part is, look at the photo, I still have half a tub left and it has been 6 months. Less is more, they say. You don’t need to lather a lot, just a bit and then you are good to go.

I’ve also used this to treat small wounds, insect bites, etc. Wounds healed faster as well as the insect bites (not only mosquito bites). So for mommies out there looking for a good cream to use, this is The One.

Where to buy this? I’ve seen a lot from Lazada and Shopee, just make sure it’s authentic. Will check also if Mercury has this one. Hopefully!

Sleepy Mama is sold! 😍

Mommy Treats: Lactation Aids

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All the variations! Plus the choco spoons!

I think by now, it’s established that I like to try different lactation aids, especially cookies and/or brownies. So, during the Momzilla fair this past weekend I’ve come across Mommy Treats. Apparently, they’ve pioneered the lactation goodies here in PH. I did not know that since, by now, there are a lot of lactation treats out there that it’s hard to know where to begin.

I was handed out a flyer by the seller of the booth and I was intrigued by the products since some were quite unique to the brand like the Lactation Choco Spoons. It was the one that caught my eye. You just have to dip it in hot water then stir it using the wooden spoon it was sitting on.


To all mothers: You are enough.

I was so excited to try it that on our way home, I ate two of the brownies! It was very soft and yummy! The oat cookies were okay, but my favorites are the brownies and choco spoons. I love their box packaging too! The best out there I must say. I love calligraphy, that’s why.

About the effectiveness, well, I woke up the next morning with a drenched top. My breasts hadn’t leaked in months! So, definitely one for the books!

This Sleepy Mama is sold!


Vaccinations – Health Center or Private?

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At first, I couldn’t believe how expensive vaccinations are. Lowe was born in Qatar where everything was literally free, vaccinations included, so when I moved back here, my eyes went wide as saucers upon learning the prices of every single vaccine Lowe has to get prior to reaching his 1st year.

During his first pedia visit here, we shelled out almost Php 5000+ for two vaccines. Yes. TWO! 😳 Which was exactly my point.

So I searched for the cheapest source of vaccines or any hospitals having their “vaccination day”. Luckily, Alabang Medical Center has their vaccination day every Saturday and their vaccines are a fraction cheaper than the regular days’ price. I was ecstatic!

For the schedule of the vaccines themselves, I still follow the baby book from where I’ve given birth to Lowe. So far, the baby book from Hamad Hospital is the most comprehensive one than the ones here. Plus factor, it’s easily broken down to months, in tables and enumerated. For a first time mom like me, this is the best baby book. It’s practically spoon-fed information.

While I am already happy with the place Lowe gets his discounted vaccinations, my husband was still not satisfied. He wanted them for free. He informed me that government health centers for each barangays are giving out free vaccinations. I couldn’t believe it at first. So we went and inquired.

In every barangay, there’s a health center assigned to them and this is the only place you can register as you need to have a proof of address that you are living there, thankfully, my husband’s center was not crowded so by the time we inquired, they informed us that it’s okay for that day to have my son vaccinated with OPV1.

I was pleasantly surprised. A free vaccine and we just walked in, no waiting, no queue, no hassle!

However, the only con with the center is that not all vaccines are free, there are selected vaccines which are free whilst the others, you have to pay for a discounted price than what an average pedia will charge you.

Oh well, as long as we got some for free!

So, the verdict is: I will continue to take vaccines from the government centers and from private hospitals.

UV Sterilizer – Haenim

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One of the main players out of all the baby gears that we’ve bought for Lowe, Haenim Sterilizer. Sterilizers are a must! Whether steam or UV, I just opted for UV sterilizer since I could use it for anything and not necessarily only for Lowe’s things. I was torn between Haenim UV Sterilizer or Ecomom. Both are UV sterilizers, both have drying option and timers but only Haenim has bluetooth option which is good when I am feeling lazy to stand up from where I am seated  when I am far from the unit I can just turn it on using my phone via an application.

Basically, I’ve been using this sterilizer for Lowe’s teethers, breastpump parts, bottles, utensils, toys…. I can even put my mobile devices inside. It kills 99.9% of the harmful bacterias and germs. I also love the storage option wherein it automatically sanitizes everything in store in regular intervals and uses energy saving mode.

It comes with different colors, I just chose pink since I am the one using it the most. It retails for Php 14,899. I got mine from a bazaar so I had it for a bit less plus with 2 additional lamps.

So, if you are looking for a sterilizer, I can personally vouch for this one especially now, there’s a bazaar going on. Their last bazaar for the year, Momzilla at Century City Mall in Makati (Nov 9-11, 10am-8pm).

Breastfeeding aid: Mega-Malunggay Capsules

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Before giving birth, I have decided to breastfeed until I can. There was no other option for me, I believed that I can even before Lowe came out. If there’s no complications for the mother, they say: Breastfeeding is 90% determination, 10% milk. I put this phrase as my mantra during the first week of Lowe’s life when my nipples were sore, wounded, bleeding and barely recognizable. It felt like there’s a shark not a baby suckling on my breast.

Breastfeeding was that painful for me in the beginning. It was also difficult for me as I needed to pump for a day as Lowe spent 1 day in NICU for observation for his mild jaundice. Also, aside from the wounds on my nips, I also got blisters because of the pump since my breasts weren’t used to it and I was frustrated as there was very less milk coming out: only 1 oz. After a while, I learned that it was normal to have that amount of milk in the beginning as that yellow and thick liquid was the colostrum and a newborn’s tummy can only accommodate that much amount.

Just to be sure that I will be having ample of breastmilk, I sourced out both Natalac and Mega-Malunggay. The latter being a recommendation by a good friend from work. Between the two of them, Mega-Malunggay came out the winner and I’ve never looked back. What I love with Mega-Malunggay is that out of all the competitors in the market, it contains the most amount (500mg) of Moringa Oleifera (Malunggay) which is a known galactagogue and a non acidic Vitamin C. The competitors contain lesser amount: Natalac has 250mg and Pro-Lacta has 350mg.

I can honestly say that this capsule aided me and still continues to aid me on my journey of breastfeeding Lowe. I just pop 2 capsules every morning with my Mother Nurture Malunggay Coffee and 1 capsule during late afternoon to dusk and I am all set for the day!

Mega-Malunggay is made by V-Pharma and you can buy it online on their website: or you can now buy it from Mercury Drug just make sure to mention that when searching it on their system to include the hyphen ( ) between the Mega and Malunggay.

Challenge 1: Making a baby smile for a photo (difficulty lvl 8/10)

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Looking at this photo taken by GJD Multimedia PH , you will never know that Lowe did not smile like this throughout the photoshoot. In fact, his smile was rarer than a lightning during a sunny day on the shoot. One of the reasons a photographer is called a professional is because they can capture moments like this and make it seem the opposite from what it really was during the session.

I never realized how difficult it could be to have a baby at a shoot. Why? The main reason is, you cannot tell the baby when to smile. Babies cannot fake a smile. They are the most uninhibited people on the planet!

They cry when in pain or sad, shout when angry, smile when happy or contented. Very simple! Yet very complicated because they just don’t smile for no reason, especially when placed in a new environment such as this. Lowe is very much like William in this case, very quiet and observant when placed in a new situation/location.

Thankfully, Miko from GJD Multimedia PH captured these fleeting smiles of Lowe and made it seem like he was smiling throughout the shoot! We brought his favorite stuffed toy Minion and a bubble-making toy which wasn’t very effective. Only when placed on the mat to stand or on his tummy did he smile.

I guess Lowe isn’t one for the cameras. It’s okay Lowe, you’ll find your true calling in the future.


This is the way we brush our teeth!

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After Lowe’s first meal comes the mandatory brushing of teeth (Lowe has 2 bottom teeth). Amidst all the babies’ toothpaste, with or without flouride, different stages, etc. I’ve decided on Tiny Buds Stage 1 (3 months < 3 years old) and as for the baby tooth brush, Nuby oral massager and toothbrush.

Why Tiny Buds? the paste is flouride free, uses food-safe ingredients, has mild formula and it is safe to swallow. Plus, it only retails for Php 105 (I bought it on sale for Php 85).

I only put a smear of the toothpaste on the brush before I brush Lowe’s two budding baby teeth. The oral massager actually lets Lowe get used to the feeling of “bristles” and prepares him for the time we will be brushing his teeth with an actual toothbrush.

I have yet to set an appointment with a Pedia-Dentist (which I will be setting up hopefully within the week or next), till then, I will settle with this safe formula unless I will be advised to do otherwise.

So far, I’ve been brushing his teeth for almost 3 days without any adverse effects. So for this, I’m giving these products a thumbs up.

This Sleepy Mama is sold! ❤️

Lowe’s First Meal

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Excited with his oats!

Choosing Lowe’s first meal was quite challenging. I was reading a lot regarding allergens, easy to digest, nutritional value, etc. before the actual day of feeding Lowe. Apparently, there was this 3-Day rule of feeding a baby. I should feed Lowe the same food for 3 days to see if he will have any negative reactions to the food. Such as allergies or even constipation. Easy enough to say, but where to begin?

So I began with oats. I was looking for steel oats but couldn’t find anywhere! So I settled for wholegrain rolled oats. I ground 2 spoonfuls of oats into smaller pieces then cooked it using my frozen breastmilk. The finished product has a texture of a cerelac and was easier to swallow with minimal to no chewing needed.

Thankfully, Lowe did not have adverse reaction to the oats. He actually looked like he was enjoying joining us for breakfast. I told William to look out for Lowe’s cues that he’s had enough, true enough, after a couple of spoonfuls with a random spills here and there, he stopped opening his mouth and stopped being interested with his food.

The Aftermath

Looking for Lowe’s cues has been very helpful for me as his mother to know what and how he’s feeling. Whether sleepy, hungry or just plain bored. Looking for cues whether he was ready to eat was equally important to me to make sure he is actually ready to eat and not just because he turned 6 months.

Cues that a baby is ready to eat:

✔️ Can sit upright without assistance.

✔️ Their reflex to push out food with his tongue has lessened.

✔️A baby has developed a “pincer grasp” or picking up things with his forefinger and thumb.

✔️Can be seen chewing at times, especially during mealtimes, if he’s seated with you. This is showing their eagerness to participate.

I’ve already seen these cues one by one developing slowly until ultimately I’ve noticed him with the final cue which was his pincer grasp.

I knew the day has come.

Welcome Lowe, to the World of Flavors.

Choosing a Feeding Set

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So the day arrived for Lowe to start eating.

I’ve mentally and emotionally prepared myself for this. I’ve also prepared the things he will need to eat and one of those is a Feeding Set. Choosing a feeding set was easy for us as we just went to a Mom & Baby Bazaar (as all the things needed were there) and we just chose the cutest one. Little did I know that there are things to look out for when choosing a Feeding Set.

1. Durability – Having a baby eat for the first time will give you all the reasons on why to buy the most durable one, and the one thing which is the most durable in the market is a Silicone Feeding set. It does not break, can stand high temperatures and has a long life span too.

2. Soft Edges – Having a baby who puts anything he can have his hands on to his mouth is quite dangerous. They could not control fully their limbs and they like to chomp on it too, so steel or hard plastic is a no-no.

3. Colorful – I observed that Lowe is attracted to strong colors which are the primary colors, so to make feeding time attractive, I chose a color according to his preference, the time we were choosing the set, we held both choices in front of him and let him decide.

There were other things to consider but as for me, these 3 are the most important. Oh, I’ve overlooked a suction bowl. I just bought a normal one, so I have to hold it, otherwise, Lowe will knock it over to the floor.

From the bazaar we went to, we bought this Marcus & Marcus Feeding set Lola the giraffe version, it fulfills all three things I am looking for in a set. Plus, very easy to wash. The spoon also can be used as Lowe’s teether as it’s made of silicone, why silicone? Read all the benefits here.

The only thing missing from this set is a placemat, you can buy it separately. Anyway, regardless of the missing mat, this set is sufficient for a beginner like Lowe. You can buy the set at Rustan’s or from Lazada. It retails for Php 899/set. As for Lowe? I think he’s sold!

Someone’s turning 6 months!

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I am lying here beside you, in the middle of the day, feeding you to sleep. I get teary-eyed about what tomorrow means: Lowe, you’re turning 6 months tomorrow! Also, you will be starting your solids. I will not be the sole provider of your sustenance and it makes me feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy, that you are growing healthily, and sad because you are growing up and needing me less. I do not know how long after this you will need to feed from me but I hope you will continue for a bit longer before you wean yourself off my breast.

Seeing you start to lift your bottom in preparation to start crawling makes my heart full because you are hitting milestones after milestones, but it also makes me realize that the time will come soon that you will want to start walking by yourself and would not want to be carried any longer. I can’t believe that time flies so fast!

Watching you peacefully sleep now, I am feeling so thankful that I get to experience and see for myself your little triumphs day after day that I tend to forget that you also grow and start to be less dependent on me. Looking at your face makes me feel that I made all the right choices in my life because, ultimately, those choices led me here. With you, watching you sleep soundly.

So Lowe, please stay a baby a little while longer. Let me experience and cherish this moment a little more.