UV Sterilizer – Haenim

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One of the main players out of all the baby gears that we’ve bought for Lowe, Haenim Sterilizer. Sterilizers are a must! Whether steam or UV, I just opted for UV sterilizer since I could use it for anything and not necessarily only for Lowe’s things. I was torn between Haenim UV Sterilizer or Ecomom. Both are UV sterilizers, both have drying option and timers but only Haenim has bluetooth option which is good when I am feeling lazy to stand up from where I am seated  when I am far from the unit I can just turn it on using my phone via an application.

Basically, I’ve been using this sterilizer for Lowe’s teethers, breastpump parts, bottles, utensils, toys…. I can even put my mobile devices inside. It kills 99.9% of the harmful bacterias and germs. I also love the storage option wherein it automatically sanitizes everything in store in regular intervals and uses energy saving mode.

It comes with different colors, I just chose pink since I am the one using it the most. It retails for Php 14,899. I got mine from a bazaar so I had it for a bit less plus with 2 additional lamps.

So, if you are looking for a sterilizer, I can personally vouch for this one especially now, there’s a bazaar going on. Their last bazaar for the year, Momzilla at Century City Mall in Makati (Nov 9-11, 10am-8pm).


Breastfeeding aid: Mega-Malunggay Capsules

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Before giving birth, I have decided to breastfeed until I can. There was no other option for me, I believed that I can even before Lowe came out. If there’s no complications for the mother, they say: Breastfeeding is 90% determination, 10% milk. I put this phrase as my mantra during the first week of Lowe’s life when my nipples were sore, wounded, bleeding and barely recognizable. It felt like there’s a shark not a baby suckling on my breast.

Breastfeeding was that painful for me in the beginning. It was also difficult for me as I needed to pump for a day as Lowe spent 1 day in NICU for observation for his mild jaundice. Also, aside from the wounds on my nips, I also got blisters because of the pump since my breasts weren’t used to it and I was frustrated as there was very less milk coming out: only 1 oz. After a while, I learned that it was normal to have that amount of milk in the beginning as that yellow and thick liquid was the colostrum and a newborn’s tummy can only accommodate that much amount.

Just to be sure that I will be having ample of breastmilk, I sourced out both Natalac and Mega-Malunggay. The latter being a recommendation by a good friend from work. Between the two of them, Mega-Malunggay came out the winner and I’ve never looked back. What I love with Mega-Malunggay is that out of all the competitors in the market, it contains the most amount (500mg) of Moringa Oleifera (Malunggay) which is a known galactagogue and a non acidic Vitamin C. The competitors contain lesser amount: Natalac has 250mg and Pro-Lacta has 350mg.

I can honestly say that this capsule aided me and still continues to aid me on my journey of breastfeeding Lowe. I just pop 2 capsules every morning with my Mother Nurture Malunggay Coffee and 1 capsule during late afternoon to dusk and I am all set for the day!

Mega-Malunggay is made by V-Pharma and you can buy it online on their website: https://vpharma.ph/products/mega-malunggay-capsules-moringa-oleifera-sodium-ascorbate or you can now buy it from Mercury Drug just make sure to mention that when searching it on their system to include the hyphen ( ) between the Mega and Malunggay.

This is the way we brush our teeth!

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After Lowe’s first meal comes the mandatory brushing of teeth (Lowe has 2 bottom teeth). Amidst all the babies’ toothpaste, with or without flouride, different stages, etc. I’ve decided on Tiny Buds Stage 1 (3 months < 3 years old) and as for the baby tooth brush, Nuby oral massager and toothbrush.

Why Tiny Buds? the paste is flouride free, uses food-safe ingredients, has mild formula and it is safe to swallow. Plus, it only retails for Php 105 (I bought it on sale for Php 85).

I only put a smear of the toothpaste on the brush before I brush Lowe’s two budding baby teeth. The oral massager actually lets Lowe get used to the feeling of “bristles” and prepares him for the time we will be brushing his teeth with an actual toothbrush.

I have yet to set an appointment with a Pedia-Dentist (which I will be setting up hopefully within the week or next), till then, I will settle with this safe formula unless I will be advised to do otherwise.

So far, I’ve been brushing his teeth for almost 3 days without any adverse effects. So for this, I’m giving these products a thumbs up.

This Sleepy Mama is sold! ❤️

Choosing a Feeding Set

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So the day arrived for Lowe to start eating.

I’ve mentally and emotionally prepared myself for this. I’ve also prepared the things he will need to eat and one of those is a Feeding Set. Choosing a feeding set was easy for us as we just went to a Mom & Baby Bazaar (as all the things needed were there) and we just chose the cutest one. Little did I know that there are things to look out for when choosing a Feeding Set.

1. Durability – Having a baby eat for the first time will give you all the reasons on why to buy the most durable one, and the one thing which is the most durable in the market is a Silicone Feeding set. It does not break, can stand high temperatures and has a long life span too.

2. Soft Edges – Having a baby who puts anything he can have his hands on to his mouth is quite dangerous. They could not control fully their limbs and they like to chomp on it too, so steel or hard plastic is a no-no.

3. Colorful – I observed that Lowe is attracted to strong colors which are the primary colors, so to make feeding time attractive, I chose a color according to his preference, the time we were choosing the set, we held both choices in front of him and let him decide.

There were other things to consider but as for me, these 3 are the most important. Oh, I’ve overlooked a suction bowl. I just bought a normal one, so I have to hold it, otherwise, Lowe will knock it over to the floor.

From the bazaar we went to, we bought this Marcus & Marcus Feeding set Lola the giraffe version, it fulfills all three things I am looking for in a set. Plus, very easy to wash. The spoon also can be used as Lowe’s teether as it’s made of silicone, why silicone? Read all the benefits here.

The only thing missing from this set is a placemat, you can buy it separately. Anyway, regardless of the missing mat, this set is sufficient for a beginner like Lowe. You can buy the set at Rustan’s or from Lazada. It retails for Php 899/set. As for Lowe? I think he’s sold!

BabySparks App – You’re a lifesaver!

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I admit, I am not one creative mama. I would rather buy and save myself the hassle of thinking and then creating. However, it doesn’t stop me from looking at Pinterest and thinking:

“How come I haven’t thought of that?”

So, obviously, when it comes to baby activities, it’s the same. I’m sure Lowe gets bored with me, he just can’t tell me yet as he doesn’t speak. So, I was in search of daily activities suited for babies aged 5 months and then I came across this application.

For mommies like me who doesn’t want to think anymore about what else to do to keep my baby entertained also developing and growing at the same time, this application is a lifesaver! It is quite pricey though for an application, Php 1000+ (USD 20+) depending on the option you will choose since it’s billed annually.

Using this app, you can monitor the progress of your li’l bub, his milestones and what are the things his age group is capable of and what can you do to develop and promote that. Every day for the next two years, you will have a checklist of things/activities to do to promote your bub’s motor skills, cognitive, sensory, etc. It’s not a must that you complete the checklist. Remember:

Every baby is different, much like an adult, they grow at different rates.

As for me? I am just so thankful for technology, Lowe’s not stuck on his bicycle exercises and plain old tummy times, there will be variations! I am sure he’s happy too!

This Sleepy Mama is sold!

Co-Sleeper Fail!

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What a beautiful furniture you have become!

Lowe is many things, apparently, he’s also a bedside co-sleeper hater. We bought this Giant Carrier Bedside Co-sleeper since I want to start sleep-training him to sleep alone, but from Day 1 of using it, I was the one having no sleep at all since I have to put half of my body inside the crib for him to breastfeed and sleep at the same time.

The idea of having a bedside co-sleeper was ideal. It’s perfect! My husband and I will sleep on our bed like we used to while the baby sleeps on his own crib that is attached on the side of the bed. However, with my personal experience, I might be doing something wrong since he refuses to stay alone in the crib or he just don’t like to be in a crib and he prefers the bed. Even my husband couldn’t sleep since Lowe keeps on waking up in the middle of the night to cry and I have to sleep with my upper body on the co-sleeper and my lower half on the bed… the zipper in between the co-sleeper and the bed is poking me along the way too.

I still look at you with longing, you know?

I am still in awe of the beauty of the crib, but I know I have to let it go. It became a permanent fixture in the vacant bedroom that was converted to William’s temporary walk in closet. 😂 So, I sold it in the marketplace in Facebook.

A lot of parents and experts say that sleeping with the baby on the same bed is dangerous and is the #1 cause of SIDS because the parent can roll over the baby, can suffocate with the blankets, etc. Thankfully, I don’t roll in my sleep, Lowe is too big now to roll on anyway and the last part about blankets, I’ve seen that Lowe now knows the purpose of the blanket, it’s either he kicks it off himself if he’s too hot or he starts to chew on it.

So, the idea of a CoSleeper is good, I was sold at first but then I sold it myself. 😂

Baby’s First Books

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I love reading. In fact, I have a big bookshelf here at home and I need to have another one since I’ve yet to unpack the books that I have from Qatar.

As a mother who likes to read an actual book and not iBooks, I wish to pass it to my son, Lowe. I will not be forcing him to like reading when he grows up but I want to expose him early and then let him decide on his own if reading books is for him or if he takes after his father who falls asleep on the first page of any book.

I’ve started introducing books to Lowe on his 3rd month. They say that it’s never too early to read to your baby. However, the first problem I’ve encountered is looking for a good book for Lowe. I went to National bookstore, Powerbooks and Fully booked, there, I’ve encountered single-story books which are quite expensive for 1 story or multiple modern stories for children. I was looking for multiple classic stories, short narrative, colorful drawings and most of all, a price that is fair for the product being sold.

I’ve turned to my BFF Shopee and as always, Shopee did not fail me. I’ve found the perfect book to start with: full of classic fairytales that are familiar to me, short (only 5 minutes reading time) and colorful. The price is also fair, for Php 620 you get 25 stories already! Also, it’s already hard-bound. You can find this Five Minute Fairy Tales book at My Little Genius Bookstore from Shopee. Also good to know, they also have another variation called Five Minute Bedtime Stories for the same price.

Also another book that I’ve found from one of the many mommy and baby bazaars that I’ve attended is My Quiet Book, it actually helps your baby become familiar with textures, buttons, colors, the concept of inside and outside, etc. It’s a pretty nifty concept and I’ve also enjoyed fiddling with it while Lowe enjoys regurgitating all over that cloth book, it’s either that or he starts to eat a page. I always have to remind him that books are meant for reading and not for eating. This book, I really can’t pinpoint where to buy except to attend bazaars or probaby search through the ever trustworthy Shopee. Again with these books, this Sleep Mama was sold!

Infant Reflux, Cosymat to the rescue.

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I distinctly remember every after feeding, Lowe spits up his milk after a few minutes especially if he hadn’t burped well. Actually, I don’t only remember as Lowe regurgitates still as of today, but only when he rolls over after feeding which is understandable.

The first time I saw him do this regurgitation or reflux had me very worried. As a first time mom, I didn’t know how normal reflux is, or in Filipino term, paglulungad for newborns and babies less than 18 months, since the ring muscle between the esophagus and the stomach hasn’t matured. There were times during Lowe’s first weeks of life, I’ve become stressed in wondering if he still gets enough milk as he spits it after every feeding. The only salvation and answer to that question I keep on silently asking myself is: Lowe’s wet nappies and how many times he wets his nappies.

If he had enough wet nappies, it means, he had enough milk, also he was gaining weight steadily, but still, I want to alleviate or lessen the paglulungad.

He enjoys his pillow too much, he sleeps through the night! YES!

Through Lowe’s journey of lungad, I’ve come across Babymoov Cosymat. With this pillow, his upper body is lifted slightly (15° inclination to be exact) when sleeping and helps him with his breathing and digestion.

There are a lot of inclined pillows out there, I was using those generic pillows before I had enough and decided to search for the one pillow. It was either too high, too inclined, too flat, too small, etc. Then, I found CosyMat.

Lowe’s been on this pillow for approximately 5 months now and it really helped especially at night, as we do side-lying breastfeeding for him to fall asleep so there’s not a chance I will wake him up to burp. This pillow avoids the milk going back up and I am so thankful. If I will put a price on the amount of milk he spit up before this pillow, it would put a hole in my wallet.

The search has ended and again, this Sleepy Mama is sold, may nanalo na guys. 

The smile of a winner, winner in lungad. Traces of it can be seen on the pillow. Haha!

October is Babywearing Month!

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Lowe in deep sleep on his SSC: Lillebaby Airflow

“Wearing your baby” has become very popular nowadays. I could totally understand why. Wearing my li’l bub is easier for me as I will be rid of pushing and manoeuvring a bulky stroller. No matter how compact my stroller is, truth is, if I’m in the midst of the crowd or for example, attending a bazaar or even shopping malls during Sundays, I feel that no matter how small my stroller is, nothing beats carrying or wearing my baby when it comes to mobility, (as for the carrying the added weight, it’s a completely different story. Personally, before I’ve bought my Soft Structured Carrier Lillébaby Airflow, I’ve done my research as to what kind of carrier am I looking for as there are a lot options out there. There are wraps, slings, soft-structured carriers, mei-tai and toddler carriers.

I thought I already knew what I wanted, but when I ventured out to search for the one, all I got was total confusion.

Curve of baby’s back: ✓. M-shape position of his legs:✓, Support at the back:✓✓.

So, since google is my best friend, I went and googled: Best Carrier of 2018. Then a whole list of branded, known and unknown came up that I have to search about each one. The pros and cons of every carrier.

While searching about each one’s pros and cons I slowly build a list in my head on what are the things I should be looking for in buying a carrier, aside from affordability, and accessibility, I also have to consider up to how much weight it can carry and how many positions can it be transformed to.

I was clueless also about the Hip Dysplasia that I have to search about it and found that some carriers can cause babies to have it without them ever knowing and feeling it until they are older. Also, what are the carriers the International Hip Dysplasia Institute have approved of, that I have to cross-check each carrier that I came across with to the ones on their list.

Well, to cut the long story short: I made up my mind to buy my Lillébaby because of the weight it can carry (3-20kgs), 6 positions of carry and most of all, the mesh design due to the humid and hot weather of Philippines.

Again, this Sleepy Mama was sold.

Finding an effective Nasal Aspirator

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I wish I wouldn’t need to use one, but in reality, I have been using one for my bub.

Lowe hates both aspirators!

Thankfully, we’ve been gifted one nasal aspirator during our baby shower (the one with a long tube) and being a girl scout that I am, I’ve bought the other one (the bulb type). Both are from Pigeon brand, but the effectivity is like heaven and earth.

Funnily, the nasal aspirator with the tube reminds me of the equipment we were taught how to use during our First Aid training in Qatar Airways. It was also used for the same thing, to unblock a baby’s nose. The only difference was, the one in the plane was meant for situations such as an unplanned Birth on Board wherein you need to clear the newborn’s nose of any blockage like how they do it in the hospital.

Seeing this contraption, I knew how to use it already. I personally find it more effective in removing all the decongestion from Lowe’s nose than the bulb type. You just put the tip of the bottle to the nostril and then apply gentle suction from the end of the soft tube. The mucus would then be collected to the small transparent bottle which is helpful for the parents as we can see how much of mucus was collected and that’s it! Repeat until satisfied. Make sure you clean it every after usage.

I am so thankful that we live in the current year, suddenly, I remember a fond memory of my parents telling me of the time when I was a baby and couldn’t breathe properly due to my congested nose. Apparently, these contraptions were recently adapted to mainstream and was not available yet during the past. So, the only solution they did for me was the old technique of sucking my tiny little baby nose using their mouth and creating a vacuum to remove all those mucus and whatnot. Yes, mouth.

Thank goodness it’s 2018.