X Smart Home: Wireless Video Doorbell

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Something nifty I got over the holidays, X Smart Home: Wifi Video Door bell. I came across this item when I was searching through Lazada any kind intercom which is connected to my phone since whenever Lowe’s sleeping, he keeps on getting woken up by the doorbell if someone rings it, which is often. I am sure you have an idea that it’s very difficult to make a baby take a nap in the afternoon and that’s when most of the disturbances happen. With this Wi-Fi doorbell you get no sound inside the house instead, you get a notification on your phone when somebody rings the doorbell from the outside which is ideal for me. I got this item for approximately Php 1,300+ or USD 25 (it was on sale) from TreeOne (the name of the seller from Lazada).

It boasts of a lot of functions such as HD camera, high-quality audio and supports motion detection which serves like a CCTV. The only thing that I did not like with this product is it runs on 2pcs of 18650 battery which was quite difficult to look for, I only found it in a DIY store at a local mall which was kind of lucky. Apparently these batteries run for 5 to 6 months which is great but then again I haven’t really tried it for 5 months, so let’s see if will really last for five months. Also it only runs on your 2.4G Wi-Fi connection. It also has a slot for an SD card which is great! In case you want to capture an image or a video recording of a person coming into your premises.

After unboxing, I have placed it on our front door facing the street and not just on the side of the door, for me to capture the widest angle possible. After installation, I immediately tried it. After pressing the button, the border of the button illuminates blue and I heard a ding-dong sound just on the equipment itself, not too loud. Then, I got a notification on my phone, “Someone rang the door, whether to view“. This is after installing an app XSH cam where I could control the device and speak on it for two-way communication! No more unanswered doorbells, undelivered parcels, etc! The only downside is, it’s not waterproof, therefore, cannot be installed where it could be contaminated by the rain. So, you really have to look for a spot where it could see people approaching the premises plus be protected from the weather. All in all, this is a great buy! For its price, it packs a lot of features! This Sleepy Mama was sold! ❤️


23 thoughts on “X Smart Home: Wireless Video Doorbell

  1. I have been looking at getting one of these! it think I would feel much more protected when home alone and when I’m away from home too.


  2. What a neat product! It is so nice to have peace of mind by having security cameras. Especially with kids, I want my home to be protected.


  3. When we move house I want to get a video doorbell as I think they’re so good. Especially when there are deliveries when we’re at work x


  4. I absolutely need this in my life. Lately I am so afraid to stay home at night along. Great review. It’s definitely a very practical idea.


  5. We are just looking for a new one, and were considering getting this one. Thank God I read your review and found out that it’s not waterproof, it rains a lot here!


  6. I have wanted to check out one of these for my parent’s house. I think my dad would really love it. I will have to see about getting him one.


  7. I love these doorbells but think it’s shocking that it’s not waterproof. When it’s going to be situated outside, they really should ensure it is waterproof!


  8. I got really interested until I saw that it’s not water proof. Why would they have a doorbell purpose that’s not water proof? I’m sticking with a WyzeCam which is only 20 dollars. 🙂

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  9. Love these new doorbells, lets you know who comes to your house when your not there! Should be water proof though..Great post! Thanks for the advice!


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