Lowe’s First Dental Visit: Teeth for Keeps

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Last Saturday, I booked an appointment for Lowe’s first dental visit since his tooth eruption as recommended by his pedia. I searched for a Pedia Dentist within our area and found Teeth for Keeps which was just beside my old high school. The location was very convenient plus I saw good reviews on their Facebook page.

I inquired last Friday and booked Lowe the next day. The building was quite old but when you enter their office, it was well equipped and had a nice ambiance. We were greeted by a small play area for toddlers and two young-looking dentists. We learned that they were Dr. Tim and Jim.

They commended bringing Lowe at the first sign of tooth eruption instead of bringing him when there’s an obvious problem. They just put flouride on his 2 teeth and that’s it.

However, I was impressed by their professionalism. The impressive part was how they took their time to orient us, parents, on how to move forward from here. Dr. Tim gave us a background about the real purpose of baby teeth and how it would support the upcoming permanent teeth.

He also answered my silent question of whether or not to use toothpaste with fluoride. He informed us that a lot of recommendation of fluoride-free toothpaste from 1st world countries does not apply to us since we do not have any other source of fluoride unlike for them, they have fluoridated tap water which they can use. However, here in Philippines, we don’t have that, therefore, he informed me to start brushing with any toothpaste with fluoride.

I chose Bud’s Children’s Toothpaste which is preservative free and organic. They have toothpastes for babies but they don’t contain fluoride and this is the next toothpaste after babies which has. I checked the origin and it is made from Australia, so, another 1st world country.

Anyway, back to the check up, Dr. Tim informed me to use a baby toothbrush and not a silicone finger brush to actually start brushing the two teeth, I informed him that I still use gauze to which he agreed and advised to put a smear of the toothpaste and carefully clean Lowe’s teeth and tongue.

All in all, our experience with Teeth for Keeps is really for keeps. I’ll be staying with them till Lowe’s next check up which is on his 1st birthday! Yey!


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