This is the way we brush our teeth!

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After Lowe’s first meal comes the mandatory brushing of teeth (Lowe has 2 bottom teeth). Amidst all the babies’ toothpaste, with or without flouride, different stages, etc. I’ve decided on Tiny Buds Stage 1 (3 months < 3 years old) and as for the baby tooth brush, Nuby oral massager and toothbrush.

Why Tiny Buds? the paste is flouride free, uses food-safe ingredients, has mild formula and it is safe to swallow. Plus, it only retails for Php 105 (I bought it on sale for Php 85).

I only put a smear of the toothpaste on the brush before I brush Lowe’s two budding baby teeth. The oral massager actually lets Lowe get used to the feeling of “bristles” and prepares him for the time we will be brushing his teeth with an actual toothbrush.

I have yet to set an appointment with a Pedia-Dentist (which I will be setting up hopefully within the week or next), till then, I will settle with this safe formula unless I will be advised to do otherwise.

So far, I’ve been brushing his teeth for almost 3 days without any adverse effects. So for this, I’m giving these products a thumbs up.

This Sleepy Mama is sold! ❤️


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