Lowe’s First Meal

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Excited with his oats!

Choosing Lowe’s first meal was quite challenging. I was reading a lot regarding allergens, easy to digest, nutritional value, etc. before the actual day of feeding Lowe. Apparently, there was this 3-Day rule of feeding a baby. I should feed Lowe the same food for 3 days to see if he will have any negative reactions to the food. Such as allergies or even constipation. Easy enough to say, but where to begin?

So I began with oats. I was looking for steel oats but couldn’t find anywhere! So I settled for wholegrain rolled oats. I ground 2 spoonfuls of oats into smaller pieces then cooked it using my frozen breastmilk. The finished product has a texture of a cerelac and was easier to swallow with minimal to no chewing needed.

Thankfully, Lowe did not have adverse reaction to the oats. He actually looked like he was enjoying joining us for breakfast. I told William to look out for Lowe’s cues that he’s had enough, true enough, after a couple of spoonfuls with a random spills here and there, he stopped opening his mouth and stopped being interested with his food.

The Aftermath

Looking for Lowe’s cues has been very helpful for me as his mother to know what and how he’s feeling. Whether sleepy, hungry or just plain bored. Looking for cues whether he was ready to eat was equally important to me to make sure he is actually ready to eat and not just because he turned 6 months.

Cues that a baby is ready to eat:

✔️ Can sit upright without assistance.

✔️ Their reflex to push out food with his tongue has lessened.

✔️A baby has developed a “pincer grasp” or picking up things with his forefinger and thumb.

✔️Can be seen chewing at times, especially during mealtimes, if he’s seated with you. This is showing their eagerness to participate.

I’ve already seen these cues one by one developing slowly until ultimately I’ve noticed him with the final cue which was his pincer grasp.

I knew the day has come.

Welcome Lowe, to the World of Flavors.


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