Choosing a Feeding Set

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So the day arrived for Lowe to start eating.

I’ve mentally and emotionally prepared myself for this. I’ve also prepared the things he will need to eat and one of those is a Feeding Set. Choosing a feeding set was easy for us as we just went to a Mom & Baby Bazaar (as all the things needed were there) and we just chose the cutest one. Little did I know that there are things to look out for when choosing a Feeding Set.

1. Durability – Having a baby eat for the first time will give you all the reasons on why to buy the most durable one, and the one thing which is the most durable in the market is a Silicone Feeding set. It does not break, can stand high temperatures and has a long life span too.

2. Soft Edges – Having a baby who puts anything he can have his hands on to his mouth is quite dangerous. They could not control fully their limbs and they like to chomp on it too, so steel or hard plastic is a no-no.

3. Colorful – I observed that Lowe is attracted to strong colors which are the primary colors, so to make feeding time attractive, I chose a color according to his preference, the time we were choosing the set, we held both choices in front of him and let him decide.

There were other things to consider but as for me, these 3 are the most important. Oh, I’ve overlooked a suction bowl. I just bought a normal one, so I have to hold it, otherwise, Lowe will knock it over to the floor.

From the bazaar we went to, we bought this Marcus & Marcus Feeding set Lola the giraffe version, it fulfills all three things I am looking for in a set. Plus, very easy to wash. The spoon also can be used as Lowe’s teether as it’s made of silicone, why silicone? Read all the benefits here.

The only thing missing from this set is a placemat, you can buy it separately. Anyway, regardless of the missing mat, this set is sufficient for a beginner like Lowe. You can buy the set at Rustan’s or from Lazada. It retails for Php 899/set. As for Lowe? I think he’s sold!


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