Trick or Treat!

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Happy Halloween!

This year is my first time to experience any kind of Trick or Treating. We did not have this kind of event when we were younger, I am glad that it’s getting popular now. For sure Lowe will enjoy it in the future as I did now.

At first, I wasn’t aware that our village has an event planned, apparently, we did not receive the memo about it. I’ve only heard about it when I was talking to our neighbor the other day. For children, they have a contest for the costumes they will be wearing and then afterwards around 6:00 PM onwards, they will start trick or treating from the houses that has the tarpaulin in front, signifying that, that home is participating in the Trick or Treat. (mostly Treats).

Lowe’s in awe of the candies!

Immediately the next day after learning about it, I went to the village administration to find out that there will be 150+ children participating. With that number in mind, we set out to buy our ammunition for the Trick or Treat, candies… LOTS of candies. I also added packed juices since I’m sure the children will be tired from walking.

I think I am the most excited person about this in the household. I am really excited to spend these kind of moments with my family, it’s one of those memories for the books.

Dusk started to set in, then slowly, children in their halloween get ups started pouring. The one with her Valak costume takes the crown for me, I told my husband that if it wasn’t halloween and I come across that girl, I will be scared! Also the zombie kid with her! The person who dressed/made them up both, brought on his or her A-game.

Around 7:00pm, I started to worry as my supplies are dwindling. Our neighbor has put their tarpaulin down signalling that they’ve finished with their treats. So, I started giving less candies than the ones who came earlier. Around that time, we met this very cute child, after taking her treats, she came back just to look at Lowe once again, we told her that next year, it would be Lowe’s turn to visit her for treats.

Lowe’s First Crush! Haha!

By 7:30 PM-ish, the Trick or Treaters have stopped coming, I still have around 1/8th of the candies that I’ve prepared and 6 small juices left. I am so thankful I did not run out of supplies and did not disappoint!

All in all, the experience was tiring but great. I felt really happy seeing lots of happy children that I could foresee Lowe’s face when it would be his turn.

This Sleepy Mama was so happy!


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