Zombies, Run! – App to make running less monotonous

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I’ve never liked to exercise, but I wanted to be fit. Especially now after giving birth.

So I decided to start running.

Running wasn’t my planned exercise, it just so happened that I wanted to let Lowe go out and see the greeneries late in the afternoon. After running for a while, it became monotonous for me, I guess it’s because we run on the same route every day that it became boring even if it was tiring. Lowe wasn’t much of a help since he falls asleep mid-run. I tried playing music, blowing bubbles, talking with Lowe during the run, but still, it was boring for me.

I was in search for something fun to do while running then I came across an application called Zombies, Run! and it made running fun and even more tiring!

Zombies, Run! is a paid subscription app (Php 199 to be exact) per month. It’s suuuuper worth it. If anyone can buy a Venti-sized Starbucks that costs nearly the same, versus the same price you will pay once a month and not for one cup, just sacrifice a cup and download this.

That is, if you’re into zombies running after you in your ears.

To give you a run-through of the app (minus spoilers!), you can basically run on the same course you always go to, but you will be hearing a narrative and conversation in your ears (if you opt for  headphones or if you want you can always use the speaker of the phone). The story is interesting, you will meet a lot of the characters. You will be named Runner 5 in a post apocalyptic world overrun with zombies. You will need to get out of the base and collect supplies and while you are outside the base, randomly, you will hear the growling of zombies and the beeping sound warning you that they are near.

Then you have to outrun those zombies. When they get nearer, they get louder and I’ve never felt more motivated to run faster!

One time I was climbing up a hill when I heard the beeping sound and the growling. Man, I was tired! Pushing a stroller with an 8kg baby on it plus zombies on my tail made me One Tired Mama.

However, it served its purpose. Again, this Sleepy Mama was sold. 😂


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