Baby’s First Books

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I love reading. In fact, I have a big bookshelf here at home and I need to have another one since I’ve yet to unpack the books that I have from Qatar.

As a mother who likes to read an actual book and not iBooks, I wish to pass it to my son, Lowe. I will not be forcing him to like reading when he grows up but I want to expose him early and then let him decide on his own if reading books is for him or if he takes after his father who falls asleep on the first page of any book.

I’ve started introducing books to Lowe on his 3rd month. They say that it’s never too early to read to your baby. However, the first problem I’ve encountered is looking for a good book for Lowe. I went to National bookstore, Powerbooks and Fully booked, there, I’ve encountered single-story books which are quite expensive for 1 story or multiple modern stories for children. I was looking for multiple classic stories, short narrative, colorful drawings and most of all, a price that is fair for the product being sold.

I’ve turned to my BFF Shopee and as always, Shopee did not fail me. I’ve found the perfect book to start with: full of classic fairytales that are familiar to me, short (only 5 minutes reading time) and colorful. The price is also fair, for Php 620 you get 25 stories already! Also, it’s already hard-bound. You can find this Five Minute Fairy Tales book at My Little Genius Bookstore from Shopee. Also good to know, they also have another variation called Five Minute Bedtime Stories for the same price.

Also another book that I’ve found from one of the many mommy and baby bazaars that I’ve attended is My Quiet Book, it actually helps your baby become familiar with textures, buttons, colors, the concept of inside and outside, etc. It’s a pretty nifty concept and I’ve also enjoyed fiddling with it while Lowe enjoys regurgitating all over that cloth book, it’s either that or he starts to eat a page. I always have to remind him that books are meant for reading and not for eating. This book, I really can’t pinpoint where to buy except to attend bazaars or probaby search through the ever trustworthy Shopee. Again with these books, this Sleep Mama was sold!


9 thoughts on “Baby’s First Books

  1. Haha I really enjoyed reading this post, I love reading myself and whilst we don’t have kids as yet but once we do I can just imagine the little terrors sucking up all our time! Makes sense to wrap them up with a good book or three!

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  2. I love giving books to my younger nephews and nieces. Reading is a habit I would want them to pick up early in life. I love these book suggestions you listed here, and they are very affordable too!

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  3. I love reading and I think that it’s so cool that you’re passing it on to your son. I like ebooks but nothing beats the feel of a real printed books on your hands.


    • I totally agree about the printed books. I get addicted from the smell of the fresh pages! 😂😂😂 I tend to smell then first before reading, much like food! 😂


  4. These seem like some great books. I’m an early years teacher and love books – my neatly 4 month old has practically got a library already!


  5. I have a lot of mom friends that could probably use some of these books! I am always on the lookout for kid-friendly and baby-friendly books.


  6. I feel guilty as I have actually not read a physical book in a while, quite a few iBooks in recent time but you are right an actual book is truly where the magic is! I love that you are getting your son into reading as well! This is definitely something I need to pick back up soon!


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