Infant Reflux, Cosymat to the rescue.

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I distinctly remember every after feeding, Lowe spits up his milk after a few minutes especially if he hadn’t burped well. Actually, I don’t only remember as Lowe regurgitates still as of today, but only when he rolls over after feeding which is understandable.

The first time I saw him do this regurgitation or reflux had me very worried. As a first time mom, I didn’t know how normal reflux is, or in Filipino term, paglulungad for newborns and babies less than 18 months, since the ring muscle between the esophagus and the stomach hasn’t matured. There were times during Lowe’s first weeks of life, I’ve become stressed in wondering if he still gets enough milk as he spits it after every feeding. The only salvation and answer to that question I keep on silently asking myself is: Lowe’s wet nappies and how many times he wets his nappies.

If he had enough wet nappies, it means, he had enough milk, also he was gaining weight steadily, but still, I want to alleviate or lessen the paglulungad.

He enjoys his pillow too much, he sleeps through the night! YES!

Through Lowe’s journey of lungad, I’ve come across Babymoov Cosymat. With this pillow, his upper body is lifted slightly (15° inclination to be exact) when sleeping and helps him with his breathing and digestion.

There are a lot of inclined pillows out there, I was using those generic pillows before I had enough and decided to search for the one pillow. It was either too high, too inclined, too flat, too small, etc. Then, I found CosyMat.

Lowe’s been on this pillow for approximately 5 months now and it really helped especially at night, as we do side-lying breastfeeding for him to fall asleep so there’s not a chance I will wake him up to burp. This pillow avoids the milk going back up and I am so thankful. If I will put a price on the amount of milk he spit up before this pillow, it would put a hole in my wallet.

The search has ended and again, this Sleepy Mama is sold, may nanalo na guys. 

The smile of a winner, winner in lungad. Traces of it can be seen on the pillow. Haha!


8 thoughts on “Infant Reflux, Cosymat to the rescue.

  1. Such a helpful article for mums out there. I am not a mum yet but I will share this post with my friends that has little ones.


  2. Babymoov Cosymat seems like it works wonders. Not only does it help babies to breathe easier it also aids in digestion and helps alleviate baby spitting up after feedings.


  3. That would be really hard to deal with. It’s always worse when these sorts of these happen to our children. My daughter had kidney reflux and it was horrible. Glad you found something that worked.


  4. This was not something available to Mom’s when my babies were little. I’m amazed at all these new innovations for moms and babies now days.


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