Teaching my son about cats 🐱

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Lowe is looking at Moa, the cat outside. Named Moa since he’s been found at Mall Of Asia.

Teaching my son about cats and pets in general is an important factor for me.

I’m a cat person and an Adopt-Dont-Shop advocate. I have a total of 8 adopted cats all of them are spayed/neutered, while my husband has 3 shitzu dogs at his family house. My husband has stopped me ever since from picking up stray cats and gave me a loooooooong lecture of why I just can’t pick and adopt all of them. He even gave me the old saying, “It’s the law of the jungle. Only the strong survives”. Well, okay.

I try to expose Lowe to pets as early as I can, making sure he isn’t allergic to their fur first. Once I was able to make sure he wasn’t, only then I started showing him his cats.

Missy got the perfect hiding place from Lowe.

First step was to introduce him to the only indoor housecat: Missy. It went on very well as Lowe was very curious about her, then when he tried to grab her by the tail. She ran and hid herself.

I guess, I have to try again next time.

It makes my heart swell a bit to know he isn’t adamant in meeting and touching cats, all of them would be his in the future anyway. They will be his inheritance 😂.

I just hope it’s okay with him when he’s older. 🐱


5 thoughts on “Teaching my son about cats 🐱

  1. Oh that’s adorable! Getting children to meet animals at a young age helps them understand them better. Also helps you show them the right way and wrong way to handle them! That’s so cute that he tried, even if it was the standard “oooh wavy thing, must grab” attempt! Hopefully he gets used to them soon! x

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