October is Babywearing Month!

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Lowe in deep sleep on his SSC: Lillebaby Airflow

“Wearing your baby” has become very popular nowadays. I could totally understand why. Wearing my li’l bub is easier for me as I will be rid of pushing and manoeuvring a bulky stroller. No matter how compact my stroller is, truth is, if I’m in the midst of the crowd or for example, attending a bazaar or even shopping malls during Sundays, I feel that no matter how small my stroller is, nothing beats carrying or wearing my baby when it comes to mobility, (as for the carrying the added weight, it’s a completely different story. Personally, before I’ve bought my Soft Structured Carrier Lillébaby Airflow, I’ve done my research as to what kind of carrier am I looking for as there are a lot options out there. There are wraps, slings, soft-structured carriers, mei-tai and toddler carriers.

I thought I already knew what I wanted, but when I ventured out to search for the one, all I got was total confusion.

Curve of baby’s back: ✓. M-shape position of his legs:✓, Support at the back:✓✓.

So, since google is my best friend, I went and googled: Best Carrier of 2018. Then a whole list of branded, known and unknown came up that I have to search about each one. The pros and cons of every carrier.

While searching about each one’s pros and cons I slowly build a list in my head on what are the things I should be looking for in buying a carrier, aside from affordability, and accessibility, I also have to consider up to how much weight it can carry and how many positions can it be transformed to.

I was clueless also about the Hip Dysplasia that I have to search about it and found that some carriers can cause babies to have it without them ever knowing and feeling it until they are older. Also, what are the carriers the International Hip Dysplasia Institute have approved of, that I have to cross-check each carrier that I came across with to the ones on their list.

Well, to cut the long story short: I made up my mind to buy my Lillébaby because of the weight it can carry (3-20kgs), 6 positions of carry and most of all, the mesh design due to the humid and hot weather of Philippines.

Again, this Sleepy Mama was sold.


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