Finding an effective Nasal Aspirator

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I wish I wouldn’t need to use one, but in reality, I have been using one for my bub.

Lowe hates both aspirators!

Thankfully, we’ve been gifted one nasal aspirator during our baby shower (the one with a long tube) and being a girl scout that I am, I’ve bought the other one (the bulb type). Both are from Pigeon brand, but the effectivity is like heaven and earth.

Funnily, the nasal aspirator with the tube reminds me of the equipment we were taught how to use during our First Aid training in Qatar Airways. It was also used for the same thing, to unblock a baby’s nose. The only difference was, the one in the plane was meant for situations such as an unplanned Birth on Board wherein you need to clear the newborn’s nose of any blockage like how they do it in the hospital.

Seeing this contraption, I knew how to use it already. I personally find it more effective in removing all the decongestion from Lowe’s nose than the bulb type. You just put the tip of the bottle to the nostril and then apply gentle suction from the end of the soft tube. The mucus would then be collected to the small transparent bottle which is helpful for the parents as we can see how much of mucus was collected and that’s it! Repeat until satisfied. Make sure you clean it every after usage.

I am so thankful that we live in the current year, suddenly, I remember a fond memory of my parents telling me of the time when I was a baby and couldn’t breathe properly due to my congested nose. Apparently, these contraptions were recently adapted to mainstream and was not available yet during the past. So, the only solution they did for me was the old technique of sucking my tiny little baby nose using their mouth and creating a vacuum to remove all those mucus and whatnot. Yes, mouth.

Thank goodness it’s 2018.


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