Milking Bombs (Lactation Aid Cookies)

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For a pure breastfeeding mommy like me, my worry is:

Do I have or will I have enough milk?

Aside from the law of Supply and Demand, it doesn’t hurt to take some help to increase or stabilise your supply of breastmilk. I am into trying a LOT of these lactation cookies, one of the cookies I’ve tried is from Milking Bombs by Bettina Carlos. I was super intrigued by this cookies since it has a tagline of “Guaranteed let down in 30 minutes”.

That sounded good to me so I bought it online from their instagram account @milkingbombsbyabc the same day I’ve heard about it. I’ve received it in a few days, depends on when you order and where you are located. They specify which days of the week they deliver to your location.

I’ve ordered their Classic Milking Bombs (the one I’m holding in the picture), Crink oats and Choc-nut brownies. They were all delicious, plus, they claim that their products are rich in fiber, omega 3, B complex and other essential nutrients.

I ate all three kinds. Not the whole box, mind you. One of each kind, then I’ve waited for 20 minutes before letting Lowe latch unto my breast.

That feeling of mild pins and needles on my breast came after 10-15 minutes of latching, so the let down tagline was true. 😂

I’ve no idea if my supply went up or not, as I do not pump regularly so I couldn’t show any visible results of my milk supply, but I can show you the result:

One happy and healthy baby Lowe!


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