Mamas & Papas Snug Seat

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The moment when Lowe can sit on his own is the time Mamas & Papas took the centerstage whenever I am in the bath. I remember distinctly reading Mama OT’s post regarding the Bumbo Seat. I’ve met a lot of mommies who used Bumbo seat with their babies and had no problems with the developments or milestones but that was before I’ve read that post. The post warns not to use the seat as it props the baby upright, babies who aren’t having proper control of their trunk yet and the Bumbo seat just does that for them.

The problem was, I had not the Bumbo, but Mamas & Papas Snug Seat which was almost the same thing and I’ve already bought it when I was nesting. It costed me a pretty penny, so what to do?

Well, nothing to do but wait until Lowe is physically ready to sit. Which happened on his fifth month. The moment I’ve realized that he can sit on his own is when I’ve decided to make use of it. It didn’t disappoint. Currently, I’m only using the snug seat when I have to bathe, then I put him there for me to be able to see him as I do not have anyone to look after him while I am in the shower.

The activity table provided Lowe the entertainment he needs as he constantly hits the center console and makes that squeaky sound and when I turn to look at him, he stops and turns to eat the gummy flower-like display instead.

So, would I recommend the seat?


But only use it when your baby is ready.


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