My tot’s Juniors walker

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Here I am, in the middle of the day looking at my son who looks like he’s having the time of his life on his walker.


Having the time of his life!

I am trying to reduce his time on the walker as was advised by one of my good friend as it might teach him the wrong way of walking… like on his tiptoes, so I’m just having him use it for a limited time since he looks like he’s enjoying to be mobile.

I bought this Juniors walker when I was still in Qatar as it’s cheaper there than buying baby stuff here in Philippines, I am so happy that it doesn’t disappoint. My little bub is enjoying every second he’s on its padded seat with his hands hitting the center buttons to provide him music for his entertainment and giving me a few minutes of my day for myself.

It has I think three or four level height adjustments, I am currently on the lowest and seeing that his feet is flat on the floor and not on his tiptoes makes me sigh with relief.

I highly recommend this walker for mommies like me who wants a few minutes to themselves, it would provide your tot’s entertainment for approximately 15 minutes before he starts asking for your loving attention once again 😂.

Like now, I have to go!


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