4moms Infant Tub

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The time of the day Lowe enjoys the most, well not most.. but it’s high up on the list:

Bath time!

I know it would sound incredulous to some mommies as some babies cry a river during this time especially when they are really young. Lowe used to be like that for a few weeks, his first weeks of life, actually.

Then he started to enjoy it!

I’ve been using 4moms Infant Tub ever since I took him home from the hospital. I fell in love with the tub because of features and the ergonomic and infant friendly design. The tub where the baby lies on is sloped to fit him and has a stopper on his bum for him not to slid down and possibly drown if he’s too small. The tub also has a temperature sensor for the water being used to bathe him. When you turn it on and the water is cold: it displays the temperature and the color of the screen is blue, if the water is the perfect temperature it turns green colored and if it would be too hot for the baby, it turns red and has an annoying beeping sound you would never miss until you cooled the water down to a much comfortable level for the baby.

Also, it has holes on the side (which on the angles of the photo you wouldn’t see, but it’s there! 😂) so that the baby won’t be flooded with water and only reaches on a safe level. As you can see, my li’l bub is enjoying it the most especially when I’ve put on some bubbles on the water before soaking him in.

I’m now quite worried as he seemed to be growing quite fast and he would soon outgrow this tub and I’m wondering what kind of tub to buy him next… 🤷🏻‍♀️


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