Party for the tot!

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It’s time for a kiddie party! One of my friend since college invited our family to the 1st birthday of their 2nd son, and ofcourse, we obliged!

The party venue was at Pixie Forest at Festival Supermall. It’s a quaint place to give your little bub a party of his/her own. There was a magician and a lot of games. LOTS. OF. GAMES.

I actually was called to participate on one. The game was, name the characters from the flash cards which the event host will show us, the characters were from kids shows from the 90’s! Deep inside, I shouted with glee as this is my forte! I lived, breathe and eat 90’s cartoon series!

Winning the game made me THIS happy! 😂

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I won! 😂 I realized that I haven’t participated in any games for a looooooong time and I almost forgot the feeling of happiness it brings, until today that is. Never mind the prize, even without it. I was competitive, my husband was laughing at me afterwards, he made sure to record it on my phone and when I was watching it, I was laughing at myself since I looked silly!

Oh and before I forget, I’m so happy to have realized that Festival now has a breastfeeding room! I never realized how convenient these rooms are until I have an infant myself, but still, the best one I’ve seen was the one from Alabang Town Center’s Family Room.

Also, quite a special mention since my little bub’s been having colds since the other day. For mommies like me who are looking for an alternative for Vicks Vaporub since it’s not allowed for infants… I think they have this Baby Vicks now, but still. For those who are looking for an alternative decongestant, Maty’s Chest Rub might be the one for you.

Maty’s Chest Rub made natural ingredients!

I bought it from, where else?! To be more specific, here at Daily Options:

Maty’s a real heaven sent! Lowe sleeps all through the night even with colds, and today, which is his 3rd day with colds, he’s almost recovered and well but I still continue putting this on his chest and on the soles of his feet covered by socks which magically disappears in the morning 😂, but still, the most important thing is not the socks but his sleep! Uninterrupted sleep therefore, we can go out during the day since he’s well rested!

PS. I bought that Maty’s with my own money and this is not a paid advertisement for the product but mainly, a review from a happy mom. I’ve never realized before how small things such as this will make me this happy 😂.


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