A Fresh Start!

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I had an epiphany this afternoon while looking at my 5-month old son, Lowe. I need to have a new hobby!

I am Jean Labitoria, a former flight attendant and CSD (purser) with Qatar Airways (flown for 12 years! Yeah!) and currently a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom).

A little background about myself and my current situation, I never imagined myself to be a SAHM, I thought I will be able to go back to flying once I finished with my maternity leave but alas! One look at my son as soon as I gave birth to him changed EVERYTHING! I now know how true it is firsthand when they say: “Your priorities will change after you see your child”. Money becomes secondary, travelling takes a backseat and definetely going back to my career and imagining my son growing up without me becomes a nightmare! So I ended up ending my career to everyone’s, including mine’s, surprise.

So now, you know that I need to have a new hobby. Raising my son takes a whole lot of my time but I feel that I need to have a bit of my time alone to do what I want, like for now, this!

Mainly, I will be writing about my daily adventures, product reviews and experiences with my son and all the things that I encounter and will encounter. So please look forward to it!


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